Release 最新アルバム『FATE』の海外でのリリースが決定!!

また、前作の『Bloody Palace』もヨーロッパのファンからの熱い声に応え、同時にデジタル配信されることになりました。

「私たちはこれまでジャパニーズ・メタルのファンからリリースして欲しいバンドとして沢山のリクエストを受けましたが、Mary’s Bloodほど多くのものは今までにありませんでした。

JPU Records :

Due to popular demand, Japan’s metal powerhouse Mary’s Blood will unleash a special edition of latest album FATE in the UK and Europe from 18 August 2017 through JPU Records.

This special edition of of FATE features an exclusive digipak design, and includes a poster and lyric transliterations. It will be available simultaneously with the digital release of Mary’s Blood previous album Bloody Palace and has been released due to high demand from fans across Europe.


JPU Records founder and CEO Tom Smith comments, “We get a lot of requests from fans of Japanese metal for bands to work with, but rarely on the same scale as with Mary’s Blood. I flew to Tokyo to see what all the fuss was about and instantly knew this band had the power and skill to go international. Stuff the language barrier, these ladies are fluent in heavy metal. The guitar solos remind me of why I fell in love with rock music as a kid, and make me just as excited.”